Cluster images by content

Organising images between different folders used to be a tedious task that took hours. And what if you already organised images by the people on the images but then needed to find all of the images taken in one specific venue? Wizion does all that on the go. It allows you to change the clustering of images based on people, backgrounds, objects and time of day and more.

Find similar images

Let's say you have a photo of a tiger and you would like to find all photos and video that contain that tiger in different poses and environments. Wizion allows you to do that in one click. Just automatically index all your images and select the reference image to search for. Wizion will then return all the images that match the content of the reference image.

Eliminate work duplication

Doing any creative work involves creating a lot of digital assets. But have you ever forgotten where you stored a specific asset and had to remake it? Well not anymore. Wizion allows you to index your whole asset library and find the missing assets in seconds.

Simplify content sharing inside company

Collaboration is key for a succesful creative business. Imagheal allows you to automatically organise your digital assets. You can then download the whole or part of the organised library as a single zip file and share it with your coworkers.