Looking for a Lightroom alternative? Wizion is packed with features you know and love. Currently available for Windows. Mac and Linux coming soon!

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Boost your productivity and find images quickly with Wizion, the best image search application for Windows (and soon macOS and Linux).

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wizion advanced search screenshot

iconAdvanced Search

Wizion indexes your images so you can use advanced, Google-style search queries and search image contents across all your folders. Never lose an image again.


Your drive can contain tens of thousands of untagged images. Wizion allows you to search through even up to a million images easily.

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wizion share and export screenshot

unified inbox screenshotShare and export easily

After you have found your images you can see them in the current folder, export them to a new folder or combine multiple images as a ZIP file to share them via email, messenger or Slack.

iconSearch by image

Wizion allows you perform reverse image search using a reference image. Find similar objects, scenes and people using a reference image. Reverse image search helps you to find content for web design, social media marketing and advertising.

wizion search by reference image sreenshot screenshot
wizion unified library screenshot

spell check screenshotUnified image gallery

Using a single gallery for all of your images helps you get more done in less time. Wizion supports every major file type - PNG, JPEG and GIF, so you have a single, streamlined search center for all your photos and images.

Go further with Wizion Pro.

Find lost photos and images from old hard drives and obscure folders. Save time by quickly finding best content for your social media posts, advertisements and blog posts.

  • Unlimited searches
  • Option for cloud indexing so you do not need a powerful NVIDIA GPU
  • Free personal technical support
  • Lightning-fast search
  • Install on multiple devices
  • Cancel anytime
Wizion Pro is only £5/mo, and you can test-drive Pro features for one week for free.
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