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A new image and video search tool which puts privacy first

Wizion allows you to quickly find images and video from your desktop and server. Imagine having personal search engine to quickly find your own digital assets. Wizion takes a reference image and finds all similar images and video. You can then save the found images in a new folder and use them in your work. Unlike competitors, Wizion does not require you to upload anything to the cloud.

Find lost photos and video

Having trouble sorting through the thousands of images and videos on your computer? Wizion allows you to find all images and video that you are looking for within seconds. Try it today for free!

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Reverse image search for local images

Wizion is a desktop search engine for finding images on my local hard drive with high visual similarity. Available for Windows and soon coming to Mac and Linux. Better than simply detecting duplicate images, Wizion will find images which are visually similar. For example you can easily find all images and video of red dresses from your PC, or you can easily find all images of one specific person.


Eliminate duplicated work

Have you ever had to recreate a digital asset because you couldn't find the existing one? Not anymore. Now you can search your existing database of images and video by their content. Try it for free during our 7-day trial!

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Powered by AI, easy to use

  • Over the years you can store tens of thousands of images on your harddrive, downloaded or taken by you, from several different sources, and searching for the right image you want to use in your work becomes impossible. Wizion is a quick and easy to use program that finds and organizes images on your device.

  • Wizion does more than just sort images by tags or dates, it finds images based on what is actually in the images and does it all with a simple user interface. First, you select the root folder or folders to find and catalogue all of your pictures. Wizion then applies machine learning and deep learning algorithms to turn images into easily searchable vector format.

  • Wizion's application is considerably faster than all other commercial image search tools and has an interface that is usable by everyone, not just professional with years of experience. After finding the right images you can easily save them in a separate folder.

  • Installing and using Wizion takes less than five minutes. You can try out Wizion free during our seven day trial.